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  • Name: Patrol/Official 1450

Length, loa 14.80m
Length, wl  12.484m
Beam, boa 4.16
Depth 1.673m
Draft 0.73m


Displacement, load 17t
Speed, max 42kn
Engine Scania DI13 072M
Power 2x650hp
Propulsion Waterjet, Rolls-Royce 28A3
Feul 1600L
Crew 2
Passenger 10

This boat model is always tailored to meet the customer's needs. It can be used for various different tasks, e.g. patrol, leisure, pilot, transportation, coast guard, etc.

The exterior is characterized by a coast guard design, with the wheelhouse mounted totally floating, which will provide an ultrasilent drving experience.

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