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14.5m Aluminum Fire Speed Boat Launching Successfully

Number of visits: Date:2018-8-3 11:14

On August 3, the Aluminum Fire Speed Boat which is built for a Fire Department by Conglin Kewa was launched into water successfully.

With a total length of 14.5m and a width of 5.1m, this Aluminum Fire Speed Boat adopts catamaran structure and is equipped with world-class engine and water jet propeller, with a maximum speed of 40 knots. Also this boat is equipped with a fire pump with large flow rate, which could achieve a rapid arrival and timely disposal after the fire and prevent the expansion of disaster.

After launching, this boat will enter into commissioning and testing stage, which is expected to be delivered to the ship owner next month.

Conglin Kewa has aways been focusing on the development and manufacturing of aluminum high-speed boats and working boats and the successful completion of this project will open up a new chapter for Conglin Kewa in the field of work boat field and further consolidate the leading position in the market of aluminum official work boats.

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