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Congrats Successful Delivery of 19.5m Pilot Speedboat!

Number of visits: Date:2019-7-16 11:06

In the past few days, the 19.5m Aluminum Pilot Speedboat designed and built by Conglin Kewa for Zhoushan Port Pilot Station was successfully delivered to Shipowner.

This ship is mainly used for picking up pilots in the piloting handover & takeover area of Zhoushan sea area. The ship is 19.5 meters long and 5 meters wide, with a maximum speed of over 28 knots. This ship adopts deep v-shape hull line, single-bottom longitudinal structure. The overall structural strength meets the requirement of frequent collision with large ships; the deckhouse line is smooth and beautiful; the internal layout is reasonable; the space is spacious, and there is no dead angle view in all directions. The ship is equipped with twin-engine twin-propeller propulsion system. The main engine is imported quality brand, fully meet the needs of pilotage work.

The successful delivery of this pilot ship further consolidated Conglin Kewa's leading position in the domestic pilotage field, and further established our first-class and world-leading position in the design and construction of aluminum high-speed boats.

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