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CCS Issued Certificates for 2 Vessels of Qinghai Lake Tourism Group

Number of visits: Date:2019-7-5 13:47

In order to further develop good "don't forget the beginner's mind, keep in mind that the mission" thematic education activity, complete the technical support for the vessels inspection in Qinghai province, jointly promote the work to implement "double green" project, on July 2, China Classification Society, vice President and chief engineer Mr. Zhu Kai led to Qinghai Lake carried on investigation of Qinghai survey technical support work.


July 3, Mr. Zhu Kai the vice President and chief engineer, together with deputy director of Qinghai Province Transportation Department Mr. Ma Tiefeng jointly attended the certificates issue ceremony by CCS for Qinghai Lake Qinghai Tourism Troup Co., LTD. for the newly built "Kunlun Mountain" and "Riyue Mountain" aluminum high-speed cruise vessels. CCS Qingdao branch issued the certificates. Also Qinghai MSA Mr. Huang Chaofeng and leaders of CCS relevant departments attended this ceremony. 



"Kunlun Mountain" and "Riyue Mountain" aluminum high-speed passenger boats which will mainly be used in Qinghai Lake sightseeing, were constructed by Shandong Conglin Kewa Aluminum Boat Co., Ltd, inspected and surveyed by CCS during design and construction stages. These two boats were designed and constructed according to relevant requirements for the first time. Keel was laid on 27th, March, 2018 for these two boats. Construction Certificates were issued on 28th, June, 2019. It's the first time China Classification Society carried on drawing approval and construction inspection to Qinghai Lake new built vessel, also it's the first time CCS issued  "Qinghai Lake Vessel Inspection Certificate" format certificate in China. 


The successful construction and delivery of "Kunlun Mountain" and "Riyue Mountain" aluminum high-speed passenger boats, added a new force for Qinghai Lake tourism in the future, laid a good foundation for Qinghai Lake vessels safe navigation and preventing water pollution, which reflects China Classification Society's theme education activities and the efforts CCS made in the "double green" Project to build better security for Qinghai Lake environment. At the same time, this boats construction project has further opened up the tourism passenger transport market for Conglin Kewa company, enriched the product categories, and continuously helped its leading position in aluminum vessel market.


The above report is from CCS China Classification Society.

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