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Delivery Congrats! Hongkong 18.5m Aluminum High Speed Pursuit Crafts Successfully Delivered

Number of visits: Date:2019-3-29 10:35
Two aluminum high speed pursuit crafts #1 and #2, which were designed and built by Conglin Kewa for Hongkong Customs and Excise Department, passed shipowner acceptance and was delivered on March 25, 2019. The crafts reached a speed of 57kn during the actual sea trial, far exceeding the speed requirement of the contract.

Both parties signed the delivery agreement under the joint witness of Hong Kong Marine Department, Customs & Excise Department, BV supervisor representatives and shipyard representatives.


The aluminum high speed pursuit crafts have a total length of 18.5m, adopting twin engines and twin waterjets as propulsion system. The crafts were classified into DNV and supervised by BV supervisor. The ship type is designed by the world-class high-speed boat design experts. The detailed submitted drawings for classification review and production drawing design are independently completed by Conglin Kewa team. Also the crafts were constructed independently by Conglin Kewa staff. First-class technical support, exquisite technology and production team, strict classification society standards, strict supervision and control ensure the project to be completed with high quality and high standards. For the moment, the crafts have been accepted by some experts in this industry, and it can match the performance of the same vessels in Europe and America, fully reaching the world-class level. At the same time, the crafts were equipped with advanced communication and intercom equipment from Europe, shock suspension seats suitable for high speed craft and DP(Dynamic Positioning) system, which makes the vessel unparalleled. The crafts are perfectly suitable for anti-smuggling, patrol, investigation and pursuit work of Hongkong Customs and Excise Department.
As the first aluminum ultra high speed waterjet propulsion vessel in China, the successful delivery will break the foreign monopoly on aluminum ultra high speed vessel. At the same time, it indicates that Conglin Kewa has entered the world first-class level in this industry and further consolidated its domestic first-class and world-leading position in the design and construction of aluminum high speed boat.

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