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Congrats on Delivery! 12.6m Aluminum Port & Shipping Law-enforcement Vessel

Number of visits: Date:2019-1-29 14:44
Recently, two aluminum port & shipping law-enforcement vessels designed and constructed by Conglin Kewa for Law-enforcement team of one Maritime Port & Bureau were successfully accepted and delivered.
The over length of these vessels is 12.6m and the moulded width is 3.87m. The actual speed is more than 37kn. These vessels were independently designed and constructed by Conglin Kewa and adopted twin engines and twin waterjets as propulsion system which could achieve the functions of  360° spot turn, horizontal displacement/movement and crash turning & stopping. These vessels have advantages of better zero-acceleration performance, superior propulsion efficiency, excellent maneuverability, low noise, seaworthiness and higher comfortability which makes these vessels could perfectly fit the purposes and environments of port & shipping law-enforcement work.
Along with the successful delivery of this project, other projects of Conglin Kewa also enter the stage of launching, commissioning, sea trial and delivery one after the other. The workshop of Conglin Kewa is very busy to ensure the timely delivery of high-quality products for shipowners, and continuously consolidate Conglin Kewa's leading position in the field of aluminum high-speed official/public serviced vessel.

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