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Hull and Superstructure Closure of 19m Aluminum High Speed Pilot Craft

Number of visits: Date:2018-12-14 16:17
The hull and superstructure closure of 19m aluminum high speed pilot craft which was constructed by Conglin Kewa for one China Pilot Station was conducted successfully on December 12, 2018.
Constructed with overall length of 19.5m and width of 4.8m, the speed of this aluminum high speed pilot craft is more than 28kn. Independently designed by Conglin Kewa and equipped with twin-engine and two-propeller propulsion system, this draft can perfectly adapt to the working requirements of berthing and disembarkation during pilot activities, and provide a safe 7 comfortable working platform for pilots.
At the end of the year and along with the successful closure of this project, Conglin Kewa workshop presented a busy scene. In the near future, several emergency rescue boats will be started successively. At the same time, the previous patrol boat, pilot craft, high-speed pursuit craft and other official boats and work boats will be delivered to customers in the near future.
At present, Conglin Kewa is proceeding several projects and we will adhere to the enterprise spirit of "exploration and innovation, comprehensive promotion, dedicated to business, leap development" to deliver satisfied products to customers on schedule.

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