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Seawork Asia: 18.5m High Speed Craft Presentation

Number of visits: Date:2018-11-13 16:19
2018 Seawork Asia Commercial Marine and Workboat Exhibition & Forum was helded in Shanghai New International Expo Center during 6th-8th, Nov. 2018. More than 110 exhibitors from 25 countries attended. OceanHammer made a new production presentation on our latest vessel at this exhibition--the 55kn Aluminum High Speed Craft. 
This is 18.5m aluminum high-speed pursuit craft was designed by world's top speed boat experts Mr. Petter Hakanson according to operating environment and usage conditions of Hong Kong Customs. With over length 18.5m and speed 55kn, equipped with the world first-class brand of engine and waterjet propulsion equipment, this craft is especially suitable for complicated environment of anti-smuggling and patrol usages.
At the production presentation, Mr. Petter Hakanson, the designer of this craft, interpreted the ship comprehensively from the aspects of design concept, important technical specifications, advantages and application range, etc.
Mr Chen Jianhua the Vice President of China Maritime Pilots Association and Mr Zhu Weizhong the General Manager of Conglin Kewa unveiled for this new craft.

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