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Successful Delivery of 14.5m Aluminum High Speed Fire Boat

Number of visits: Date:2018-9-28 09:53
​14.5m Aluminum High Speed Fire Boat was successfully delivered to Hong Kong Shipowner on Sep. 20th, 2018.

These two aluminum high speed fire boats are custom-built by our Research & Design team for shipowner. Hull and superstructure both are made of aluminum material. Adopted catamaran hull structure and world famous brand main engines and waterjets as propulsion system, these two boats could reach more than 40kn. Equipped with international well-known independent fire system, these two boats could realize automatic fire fighting and extinguishing function with maximum head up to 15m and various directions water spray at 300 degrees. These two boats can realize the professional and efficient disposal of different fire situations and timely rescue person overboard. These two boats are relatively advanced high speed fire rescue boats in the field at present.
This project carried shipowner's support and trust to Conglin Kewa, also demonstrated Conglin Kewa's commitment and responsibility to shipowner. The successful delivery of this project indicates that Conglin Kewa established own brand in new field of fire rescue boat. 
As a top supplier of aluminum official service and work boat in China, based on technology strength, construction experience, wide perspective of this filed, and innovation consciousness, Conglin Kewa will continue to take the opportunity to serve the world with high quality boats. Moreover we will continuously establish the leading position in the field of aluminum high speed official service boat.
Conglin Kewa―Founder of Aluminum High Speed Official Service Boat!

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